Park Sensibly

Parcáil le Ciall

Pay and display notices

Pay & Display Notices

Here are sample Pay & Display notices. Always read them carefully. The individual zones can be identified by a colour strip on the Pay & Display street signs and machines.

Clearways or Bus Lanes

Clearways/Bus Lanes

No parking or stopping during hours indicated on time plate. Clearway Restrictions supersede all other parking restrictions.

Cycle tracks

Cycle Tracks

Cycle tracks operate on a 24 hour basis unless otherwise indicated on a time plate. A mandatory cycle track is indicated by a solid white line. Vehicles other than a cycle or mechanically propelled wheelchair may not use a mandatory cycle track. A non mandatory cycle track is indicated by a broken white line. No parking allowed except while actively loading/unloading a maximum of 30 minutes.

Disabled parking bays

Disabled Parking Bays

No parking at any time except where a valid disabled person’s parking permit is displayed in the vehicle. The person to whom the badge was issued must always accompany the vehicle when it is being parked.

Loading bays

Loading Bays

No parking during hours indicated on the time plate (usually 07.00 – 19.00 Monday – Saturday). Only vehicles with a goods tax disc can use loading bays while actively loading/unloading for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Single and double yellow lines

Single Yellow Lines & Double Yellow Lines

Parking on Double Yellow Lines is not allowed at any time. Do not park on Single Yellow Lines during the time shown. Check the signs on the street.

Pedestrian areas

Pedestrian Areas

A vehicle cannot be driven or parked in a pedestrian area during the period indicated on the time plate.

Bus and coach parking

Bus/Coach Parking

Parking is restricted (including paid parking) to buses/coaches on a 24 hour basis unless otherwise indicated on a time plate. Maximum stay for buses/coaches is also indicated on the time plate.

Other parking restrictions

Other Parking Restrictions

It is illegal to park in a way which interferes with traffic flow or obstructs or endangers other road users, for example: Opposite a continuous white line. On a footpath (either partly or wholly). Within 5 metres of a junction. Within 15 metres on the approach side or 5 metres on the other side of a pedestrian crossing or traffic lights. At a school entrance. Obstructing any entrance for vehicles except with the occupier’s consent. On a grass margin or median strip.

Taxi ranks and bus stops

Taxi Ranks/Bus Stops

Parking is not allowed at any time.

Heavy vehicles parking restrictions

Heavy Vehicles Parking Restrictions

All vehicles whose unladen weight is 3.5 tonnes or over are prohibited from parking on-street within the Dublin City Council administrative area, except at designated locations. Signs have been erected on the boundaries to Dublin City Council’s administrative area indicating that these parking restrictions are in force. The restrictions will not apply to vehicles that are actively loading or unloading. Any heavy vehicle that contravenes these restrictions may be clamped or towed away. Illegally parked vehicles may also be issued with an on-the-spot fine.

Designated parking for Heavy Vehicles

The following are the locations where designated parking is provided for heavy vehicles:

  • Dublin Industrial Estate, Finglas Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 11
  • Greencastle Parade/Newtown Industrial Est, off Malahide Road, Coolock, Dublin 5
  • Kylemore Park North (off Kylemore Road), Dublin 10
  • Kylemore Park South (off Kylemore Road), Dublin 10
  • Kylemore Park West (off Kylemore Road), Dublin 10
  • Bluebell Avenue Industrial Estate, (west of Camac Park), Dublin 10
  • Pigeon House Road, Ringsend, Dublin 4
  • South Bank Road, Ringsend, Dublin 4
  • Whitebank Road, Ringsend, Dublin 4
  • Sir John Rogersons Quay, Dublin 2 (outside paid parking hours)
  • Victoria Quay, Dublin 8
  • Mayor Street Upper, Dublin 1
  • Castleforbes Road, Dublin 1
  • Sheriff Street Upper, Dublin 1

Signs have been erected at each of these locations indicating where heavy vehicles may be parked legally.