Appeals Service for Clamping & Tow-Away Operations

Dublin Street Parking Services operates a Tow-Away and Clamping Service as a traffic management measure to deter illegal parking. Vehicles causing a hazard or obstruction may be relocated & clamped.

To make an online representation regarding the clamping or towing of your vehicle click on the appeal form below.

If the appeal is unsuccessful and you are dissatisfied with the outcome you can make a further appeal to the National Transport Authority (NTA). The appeal must be made within 30 days of receipt of notification of the decision of Dublin Street Parking Services. Further details are available at National Transport Authority – Appeals and Complaints.

Or formally write to: Dublin Street Parking Services
P.O. Box 9965
Dublin 2

Please enclose any documentation which you feel may substantiate your case. We aim to reach a decision within 21 days.

General Complaints & Enquiries

To make a general complaint or enquiry concerning the operation of the clamping or towing service you can fill out our Customer Feedback form here or:

Telephone the Consumer Service Line: 01 602 2500

  • All of the parking regulations are designed to make life in Dublin City more pleasant, more orderly and more convenient for everyone.

They are intended to help the motorist by:

  1. eliminating obstructions and reducing congestion.
  2. improving road safety and
  3. increase the availability of on-street parking to more people.
  • Remember, it is the motorists’ responsibility to ensure that they are complying with the regulations when they park their vehicles on the street.
  • A vehicle must be removed when the maximum time allowed for parking (usually 3 hours) expires and it cannot be parked again on the same street within an hour of its removal.

If Clamped or Towed Please Contact Dublin Street Parking Services

Telephone: 01 602 2500

De-clamp Vouchers

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